1. roger
    08/09/2007 at 3:01 pm

    As a long time online librarian, I still run qbasic software that allows me to organize hundreds of daily news stories into 20 year old library, I’m finally moving into the web 2.0 world of tags, (one month old)…

    At the end of one month, I’m kind of saddened at the lack of where things have evolved. I would have thought the whole del.icio.us thing would have evolved a bit faster than it has, and when I finally discoverd Raw Sugar and, then surprise its out of business…

    tagging tags: the science of politics?

    The points about popularity vs some kind of Duey decimal system of tags, is well taken.
    Even though I’m poltically sympathetic to the 2 dimensional world of web 2 tags, what happens to someone like me that wants to put 200 or even a 1,000 tags into some kind of a structured world?

    Probably the best example of how narrow the current mess is, comes when you try and organize topical news stories into a subject – structure and a geographical hierarchy at the same time. My old library program always started by starting with placing the document on the global map geographically, and then going through what I thought was a hierarchy of issues I wanted to organize. The only downside of that now ancient but still active system was subject crosslinks. (TAGS!!!)

    I’ve not seen anybody suggest a mechanism that would streamline the process of tagging in the manner I still do with hundreds of news stories every day.

    I would have figured that by a librarian somewhere would have seen the benefits to a real online library with some kind of Web 3D vs Web 2.0 perspective.

    There is concordance software out there! There is even tagthe.net!!! I’ve yet to experiment with Greasemonkey’s script that links tagthe.net to del.icio.us!

    In summation!

    1. web 2.0 is a 2 dimensional tagging nightmare
    2. web 2.0 is consumer driven popularity contest!
    3. social bookmarking has a long way to go!
    4. Let me know when you find a system with single keystroke tagging that doesn’t insult the folksies, but gives librarians the ability to quickly tag large numbers of resources and uses Artifical Intellegence etc. to build 3d structured perspectives on those tags (tags within tags?)

  1. 02/21/2008 at 3:38 pm

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