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Have a Picnik for Online Photo Editing

PicnicFor those of us who aren’t blessed with the convenience of Adobe Photoshop, or even another photo editor on our desktop/laptop, there is an easy solution found on the web. Picnik is an online photo editor with most of the capabilities necessary to make a bland photo turn vivid.

With Picnik you can upload photos from your desktop or import your saved photos from Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook. You can then rotate, crop, lighten, adjust the hue, remove red eye, and even pick from a selection of preloaded effects. The interface is easy and the changes happen in real time. The tool features multi-language file support and the ability to control printing options on the fly. Because of its online nature you don’t need to worry about downloading software or keeping your files on a flash drive or CD.

For those who want to share their photos online, you can then export your edits to Flickr and create a slideshow directly in Picnik. The code is easy to copy and paste into the places you would like to see it. Mind you this isn’t the solution for high end photo editing, but if you just want to clean up your images, Picnik might satisfy your photographic pangs.

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