Top of the Fox


It’s been awhile since I talked about Firefox so I thought I would list my current ten favorite extensions.


This wonderfully handy way to collect, organize, and utilized bibliographic data is worth its weight in gold. The only thing it could need to be even better was a webased means of sharing collections between users and computers. Sidebar and Post still remains one of the most reliable and fastest way to collect and tag the web. This sidebar is a great way to keep track of the posts related to the page you are viewing. The Post extension makes adding new items just one step faster by having a pop up dialog box appear instead of going to a page.

Foxmarks Boomark Synchronizer

This easy to use bookmark synchronizer makes finding what you saved when you weren’t at your desk that much easier. This could be useful for departments or remotely connected personnel who need a shared bookmark list.


JSView allows you to view the CSS and JS files linked to by the page you are viewing. This is a great tool for web developers to learn just how that neat web design trick really works.

WIZZ RSS News Reader

Although I have started to use Attensa more and more for my email application at work, I still try to keep up with things through WIZZ. The interface is easy to manipulate and keeping all your live bookmarks together helps remind you of all the news you wanted to keep up on.


This extension allows you to apply scripting to change the way a web page appears. There are tons of scripts already available, including one that shows library holdings in Amazon displays.

Book Burro

Similar to Greasemonkey, this tool allows you to find library holding for any item which has an ISBN or ISSN number attached.

Morning Coffee

I will admit that I am a fan of finding the pat of least resistance, so in the morning when I sit down at my computer; I really like pushing one button and letting it do all the web surfing for me. You set up a general grouping or even set day by day browsing groups.


This extension allows you to use an “eye dropper” tool in order to find the exact color that is being displayed. This is great for web designers who are having a hard time finding just the right shade.

I would love to hear what others use with their Firefox browser.  Leave me a comment with your extension and tell me why you love it.

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