A portal in the library.


From the CNet news blog, Tim Leberecht speaks on the differences between portals versus social networks.  In short the author makes the point that both of these thriving and ever evolving web tools are really aiming for the same goal: the web based operating system.  As Facebook adopts new applications and services for its community, other companies like Google are trying to out do the competitors with integrated web publishing, communication services, and all-in-one portal interfaces.

There is nothing wrong with a little competition but I am afraid that the shear number of possibilities continues to make too many users dizzy when trying to keep track of all of their accounts.  I know I always find myself signing up for new services, to give them a test run, and then forgetting that I have started using them; once the novelty wears off.

A global portal may be the solution to bringing everything together and allowing the subtle eccentricities of the lesser used sites to shine in a new wrapper.

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