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True Knowledge Demo, Do I Smell 3.0?

I stumbled upon this new search system. Called True Knowledge, this blend of search engine and knowledge base aims to provide answers to queries instead of a list of links. The video above explains their design and process.

In short, the system utilized external databases and user input in order to create what some may call a proto-semantic web search. True the system isn’t “intelligent” but the ability to allow the system to use natural language processing and digitally mined data, the future looks bright for something as simple as this tool.

With any user driven knowledge base there is the fear of data corruption. It will be interesting to see what the developers will do to keep the system secure when attacked by digital vandals.

I have signed up for a Beta testing account but it seems like everyone else in the world has too, so I am in the queue. Now I play the waiting game for my log in information.

[Added] I wanted to add my thoughts on where we as librarians could fit into this interesting development.  As more sites and services such as TrueKnowledge, Wikipedia, and Google Knol; perhaps there will be a subset of librarians who are information agents.  By this I mean to suggest that they would be experts in verifying information found on such sites.  They would be able to link citations and resources between many tools in an attempt to better inform the world.

True they may seem more like super-heroes in this vision, but the concept of socially created resources may bring about such a need.

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