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Apologies and What I Took for Granted…

banana slip

For those of you who happened to view my blog in the last week or so, I humbly apologize for the rather lewd image you may have seen.  I made the mistake of linking from a link from a link, and therefore left myself out of the authoritative loop.   Thanks to all of those who chimed in to help me save some professional face.

The “slip up” made me rethink just how volatile the web can be.  Though the concept of “link rot,” or the degredation of links cause by shifting domains and folder pathways, can be frustrating; the more immediate cause for concern may be “link hacks.”  It isn’t that difficult for those skilled in hacking to not only change a link on a public page, but to in essence set off a cascade of linking effects.

The best way to combat such efforts is to try your best when obtaining and linking to images.  Using external images may seem convenient, but if you can’t assure the link will be secure–try another site.  The same can be said for movies, animations, embedded source code items, and any type of freely available scripting.

On a similar note, I recently saw several Facebook alerts from colleagues about “applications” they had taken quizzes on and wanted to share the results with, well, everyone.  The long and the short of it was that sometimes those quizzes aren’t necessarily SFW (safe for work) or could unintentionally create an awkward image association with your profile.  I suppose you take your chances when casually browsing and taking quizzes, but you must remain ever vigilant in upholding your professional online presence.

Would I be disheartened if someone who was weighing my worth as a candidate looked at my Facebook profile or blog and noticed something which I was seemingly unaware of?  Truly I would most certainly be upset.  So I guess the only solution is to “measure once and cut twice.”  Or is that the other way around?

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  1. 03/19/2008 at 4:26 pm

    Ha! I assumed that’s what had happened. Yes, yes, the perils of hotlinking.

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