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Back to School Tips

As students return to class they may want some advice on how to better organize their scholarly activities. Much of what they find will be from websites and friends, it may be helpful to better familiarize yourself with some of these new technology trends for organizing information. Even if a student doesn’t ask for advice, you may find something in these lists that you may deem extremely helpful for your own desktop.

From PC World 20 Tech Habits to Improve Your Life

Of note are tips on work faster using keyboard shortcuts, utilizing a flash drive more efficiently, managing passwords and PINS using a tool called KeePass, and even how to search online more effectively.

LifeHacker’s List of Back-to-School Essentials for College Students

Though a bit more sophomoric in scope, there are several fun tips like how to create lists of items you don’t want to forget to do, places to get your textbooks for free, and the 18 things you probably forgot to bring to college. Granted this list has a few less than academic items coiffed as advice, there are many other technology/life tips to be found in this aforementioned article and equally so on LifeHacker.

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