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Animoto – the end of slideshows

04/15/2009 1 comment

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animoto – the end of slideshows.

This sleek little app mixes your photos and music to form a 30 second video.  The fun part is how the app analyzes the music and images to generate professional looking effects and editing.  For most this is just a fun toy, but I see it as a creative possibility for classwork.

Maybe in a library marketing, management, or instruction course you could have the students make a 30 second video to get their message across.  This process helps them see how important identifying the message is versus how you express it.  The easy ability to publish and share the videos makes it perfect for a portfolio or classroom exhibition.


My first effort is not that interesting but merely shows you how easy this really is.  (Estimated time from start to posting: 4 mins.) Do that without Animoto and tell me how long it takes.