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Google Maps now with more info

Google has recently made some very interesting developments in their map content(from Cnet).  Along with the user created maps, geo-tagged photographs, and related local ads; users can now find Wikipedia entries relating to geographically linked sites.  Once you are in the general area of the location you are curious about, simply hit the “more” tab to see Wikipedia entries and photos.  The short informational blurbs are taken from the Wikipedia entry and allow users to seamlessly browse into more information.

Granted, if you don’t trust Wikipedia this service may be more annoying than useful, but I wish that everything had a little more information on Google maps.  Now if they would just show Flickr photos on there and not just ones from Panoramio…

Maybe an institution can start working on adding not only historic photos to the mix but related historical information gleaned from other data sources and archived materials.  Hmmm sounds like we need a grant…

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Where do you want to Google today?

palm pilot

Using Google Docs no longer needs to only occur on your desktop as the latest versions feature a Mobile option.  This means that those of us without an I-phone can access, edit, and share documents at any time.

Also this week came much needed updates for Google Maps for Mobile devices.  Now many phones can easily access and view map data.

More locally, I have become enamoured with the latest Google Maps Street View for the Pittsburgh area.   Yeah I can easily go and walk down the same streets, but sometimes a virtual stroll is just as nice as a real one.  (Save for the benefits of actually leaving my desk.)