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OCLC + Google = Forward Motion

OCLC announced that they would be sharing their bib records with Google.  This doesn’t include all records in Worldcat but instead those records made in coordination with Google Book Search items.  This link would allow users to locate items through either Google Book Search or, and hopefully end up at their local library in the end.  I am curious to see how much more traffic gets pushed to the library from Google.


WorldCat Link Manager – Making it easier to get what you need…


From their News feed, OCLC announced the new and improved WorldCat Link Manager. Though there are other systems available for linking OpenURL documents to records, how could we look past a service brought forth by an organization from which most of our record authority springs.

From their site:

WorldCat Link Manager is open, interoperable link-server software that OCLC provides as a fully supported, hosted service. When your library users click a journal citation in your catalog or in your electronic databases, they are taken directly to the full content of the article in your collection.

Maybe this won’t change everyone’s mind, but with the ease of use many of the other OCLC projects have spawned, I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t eagerly adopted by libraries.

For other link resolvers see:

If you know of any others that should be on the list, leave a comment and I will add them. Thanks.